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The Suppression Field


Comics : The Mercenus Chronicles
Type of Weapon : Biological Energy Field Device
Main colour : Colourless
Power : The suppression of elemental energy
Size : massive
Usage : To suppress Elemental energy from the users of said energy
Status : In use by The SPAM Empire
Pronunciation : N/A

The Suppression Field is a device of a massive proportions, used for the weakening and tampering of elemental energy and natural powers. It is a weapon used in The Mercenus Chronicles.


It hasn't been stated how or why the suppression field was created, however what has been known is that it was given to Conlasta so that he could make a clean invasion of Hapori-Nui. The Author has recently decided that it's origins and creations are from the aftermath of The Crusade of Hagurah.

Activation and Effects


The activation of the device is a mystery, as nobody (minus high ranking officers of the S.P.A.M Empire) has seen the device as of current. However, it is now comfirmed that one of the things that must be done is to twist the valve and turn a gear.


The suppression field does three things:
Suppression field example

Even the Suppression couldn't support the Makuta armour extensions

  • Create a barrier to prevent elemental energy to circulate through the user.
  • Block out powers from makuta.
  • Reduce the said users of elemental energy to the figure of a matoran.

This is so that the opposition has no way of using their natural energies against them, forcing the opposition to use tools instead, making way for pure carnage

Non-Affected Abilities

The field does have it's weak points, many of which can be used to the victim's advantage.

  • It can not effect a Makuta's ability to grow additions to their armour.
  • It does not shrink the powers of creatures that are not identified.
  • It can not block the effects of using implants for powers.
  • It can not effect mask powers, only mask powers of elemental status.

Example Usage

The device has only been in use once, this was during the invasion of Hapori-Nui, where Conlasta attempted to take the comic land as a clean routine opperation, however, even the suppression field could not stop the skills of the warriors


  • The author included this in The Mercenus Chronicles as he wanted Hapori-Nui at it's weakest, also so that guest stars couldn't barrage his imbox with a list of powers.
  • The suppression field here is also based on the Suppression field in the First-person shooter Half-Life 2. In Half-Life 2, there was a suppression field which forced the human mind to not want to reproduce human children.

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