The Swift Times


Genre : Comedy
Written By : Venom
Current Season : 1
Location/Setting : Forest
Starting Date : January 1, 2010
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Dead

The Swift Times was a comic series by Venom, released on January 1, 2010 after his decision to close the cult classic series ~V~. Considering the success of ~V~, The Swift Times is comparatively unpopular to it but nonetheless provides a new aim for humor for the author.

However ~V~ was still hosted and continued in The Swift Times topic.

The Swift Times soon died after Venom took retirement. Soon enough, he went out of retirement to continue comic-making following the re-opening of the ~V.3~ topic.


The series is notable for its casual style. Unlike many other comic series, there isn't much action or particularly "exciting" events. Instead it is only based on the titular character Swift and his friends discussing funny memories, being imaginative over a campfire, or just acting humorous. The series uses a flashback-style humor, with each character's thought being different, according to what happened in their memory or would do if it were imagination.


  • Swift - The host and main character.
  • Clara - The pretty girl.
  • Rapid - Swift's best friend.
  • Felix - The slightly ignorant and fun-loving character.
  • Syke - The psychopathic Grim Reaper-like character who despite this, maintains a calm behavior throughout, with frequent laughs and an occasional angry "Grrr." when being outwitted by the others.

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