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The ToM Kit is a collective term that may refer to either of two sprite kits made by BZPower Forum Leader/Reporter ToM Dracone (formerly Toa of Muffins).


The ToM Kit


ToM Kit 1 Sprite

The first installment of the kit was much simpler and oval-designed compared to its well-known successor, the ToM Kit 2, and has been largely forgotten in the mind of the populous. ToM himself prefers to assume that it doesn't exist.

It is often confused with the more popular ToM's Chibi Kit with ToM himself seeming to like it more, using it in his comics.

The ToM Kit 2

ToM kit LTSL

LTSL using the ToM kit.


ToM Kit Nuva poses

The ToM Kit 2 is the second and more notorious version of ToM's kit. Originally it garnered substantial popularity and use; however, due to the eventual lack of updates, use of the kit has dropped to a significantly low level. ToM Dracone has forbidden from using his kit to be put in a larger one. There has been no attempt to resurrect it because ToM wrote that no one was to edit or make fan kits, without his strict permission.

It has been praised for its set-accuracy and professional design (and has been accused of using pillow shading by some), making it easy to use as well as effective in complicated backgrounds.

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