The Ultimate Accessory Kit, also known as The Ultimate Accessories Kit and often abbreviated as UAK is a sprite kit made by former BZPower member The Blessed One: Makar.


Due to the original topic no longer existing, the kit's history remains rather vague, but it seemed to have appeared sometime late 2004 or early 2005. According to Makar, it was his most popular kit and gained 14 pages. However, later on Swert's accessory kit also appeared, creating some challenge. After UAK died out, Swert's accessory kit starting becoming more popular.

The Ultimate Accessory Kit: Nerogasis

The Ultimate Accessory Kit: Nerogasis or UAKN is the latest and final installment of the UAK. It was released on June 11, 2006, only 8 days before Makar was banned and racked up only 27 replies in that time. Nevertheless, it quickly caught up and starting being used very commonly due to its quality and item amount. After it was deleted from his gallery, Turaga Dlakii archived it in his.

List of accessories

The Ultimate Accessory Kit Nerogasis has a wide arrange of furniture and items. The full kit includes:

  • Christmas accessories
  • Water wings, floatie
  • Swimming pool with ladder and water tank
  • Halloween accessories
  • Easter eggs and bunny ear hat
  • Baby Razor sprites
  • Dradiels, Manarah and Yamacas
  • Keyboard (musical instrument)
  • Drum kit
  • Electric guitar
  • Table umbrellas, pool/patio tables, pool/patio chairs
  • Computer chair and laptop
  • Refrigerator
  • All major video game consoles by Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft with cartridges/CDs
  • Recliner and couch
  • Kitchen items (blender, crack pot, paper towels, coffee machine, pots and pans)
  • Fireplace with flamegate, fire and logs
  • Chairs and tables
  • Beach umbrella, beach towel, sunscreen, sand, water (ripped from video game)
  • Candles, lightstones, glow
  • Turkey/chicken
  • Most major soft drink brands (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Slice) in both bottles and cans
  • Pies, Friendly's Jubilee role, root bear float, banana split, ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint)
  • Ham, pizza/pizza slices, beer, corn with butter, portable grill, submarine sandwiches, popcorn, burgers, ketchup/mustard, french fries
  • Various stands (kolhii, ruki, lights, tool, food)
  • Bookshelf (made by Dark709)
  • Dishwasher, trash compacter, stove, microwave oven, washing machine
  • Computer desks, variants 1 and 2
  • Computer appliances
  • Cabinet, drawers, overhanging cabinets, kitchen sink
  • Tent, stick, marshmallow on a stick, burnt tent, bed sheet
  • Bed
  • Doors and windows
  • CBL, DVD and VCR with CDs/cassettes
  • TV sets (tabletop, tiny, small, medium, big screen)
  • Speaker/stereo box
  • Planks, dark/light cement patios, vertical/horizontal hardwood floors, marble/tiled tiles, bricks
  • Sheep

Use and legacy

The UAKN remains almost unmatched when concerning sprite furniture in BZPower comics (possibly rivaled by the Chimoru accessories). Although many of its items remain unused, the couch and tiles have been seen in many comics. Notable users include Dokuma, Zonis, Johnuva, Turaga Dlakii and many more. Today many comic makers like to sprite or draw their own furniture, hindering the kit's popularity by a bit.

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