The Unknown Turaga III: The Flames of War

Author(s) : Turaga Dlakii
Current Season : Finale of its parent saga
Medium : The Rayg Kit 2.5
Island : The Northern Isles
Main Enemies : Unknown
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : N/A
Location : The Northern Isles
Status : In Pre-Production
Pronunciation : N/A

The Unknown Turaga III: The Flames of War is an upcoming sprite comic series by Turaga Dlakii, though not due for at least another year at the very least. It will be the fifth and final chapter in The Unknown Turaga Saga, or at least the last series to have Dlakii as the main character.


The idea for The Flames of War was first created in late 2007, and its existence was confirmed around the same time with a small teaser. Turaga Dlakii has the main layout of the plot set in stone already.

The subtitle of the series, The Flames of War, was only recently applied after much consideration.

The Plot

For obvious reasons, little has been said about its plot as of yet; indeed, the only three members of BZPower who know who the enemies are are Turaga Dlakii, Lai and Dreiken. However, based on teasers and Turaga Dlakii's statements, a few things have become known about it.

  • Thekoo and iKKF will not appear.
  • At some point in the story, Port Spirit will be attacked and destroyed by fire.
  • A few aspects of the plot and enemies were actually influenced by the Pokémon games; this can be seen simply by looking at the leader of the enemies, whose identity has yet to be revealed.
  • The series will be divided into four individual parts, in a layout not unlike that of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
  • Proto D will be a Toa.


Most likely, most of the main cast of the end of Land of Dragons (Dlakii, Lai, Harkha, Dreiken, Hev, DudeNuva) will again be the main characters, with Proto D playing a minor, supporting role.


  • At present, the plan is for The Flames of War to be longer than any of the other series.

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