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The Unknown Turaga Wiki, abbreviated to UTWiki or Utwiki, is a wiki founded by Turaga Dlakii. As the name implies, it is a wiki devoted to The Unknown Turaga Saga.


The wiki was founded on June 27, 2008 by Turaga Dlakii. Over the following month, he worked to format and shape it to his liking, also setting up a small number of pages. During this period, his friend Dreiken joined the site and was appointed co-administrator.

It was publically unveiled on July 20, 2008, and was introduced in the ninetieth episode of The Newsroom.


UTWiki's purpose is no less than to act as a complete and reliable source of information on The Unknown Turaga Saga. Additionally, it has been stated that Turaga Dlakii himself will use the wiki to distribute the occasional spoiler and teaser.

However, this wiki is designed for Unknown Turaga Saga details ONLY, explaining Dlakii's continued use of the Comic Land Wiki.


  • The first vestige of the UTWiki was formed in January 2008, as Dlakii and Dreiken planned the idea via BZPower's Personal Message system.

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