The XanRaMoru Kit (usually said without the capital R/M) is a sprite kit created by Jakiro Kotaro, posted on December 4, 2009. The basic concept of it is combining Xaniskit, Chimoru, and Razor. It can be called XRM, though few use this acronym.
XRM thing

A Xanramoru Sprite


Upon its release, it was criticized for looking too similar to Xaniskit, and using the "moru" ending. While it has generated a moderate fanbase due to Shadixs Comics, many other comic makers, as well as Xanis himself, have expressed dislike of the kit, believing it is a "Xaniskit ripoff". Kahinuva even provided a an argument as to how it does so. Shadix then gave a rebuttal to it, to which Kahinuva quickly responded to with another rebuttal. After seeing the other rebuttal, Shadix then refused to give a rebuttal to what Kahi had found wrong with his argument.

Those who like the kit have responded negatively to those who oppose it, telling them to "leave off". The fanbase is large enough to have spawned a continuity based on it, the Xanramoru Universe, or X-Verse.


Jakiro created the kit to look like a combination of Xaniskit, Chimoru and Razor. According to him, the kit's body was modeled after Xaniskit. The sprites' arms and legs were modeled after Xaniskit and Chimoru. The kit's masks were modeled after Chimoru and Razor.


Due to it being a new kit, not too many have used it. However, it has been used more widely, becoming more popular.

Some users include Shadix, Makutox, and Scinos. Oddly, Jakiro never used his own kit in any of his comics.


The original kit was created by Jakiro. The kit has also received multiple fan contributions, from Shadix, Teknio, Ardros, Bcucu and Skorpyo (and soon to be Raptorrev with his upcoming XRM 2009 kit!).


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