This is Madness


Genre : Comedy
Started/Maintained By : Janaro
Current Season : N/A
Location/Setting : The Middle of Nowhere
Main Enemies : Spartan, Noobs
Starting Date : September 15, 2009
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Dead

This is Madness was an MAS created by Janaro, featuring iPenguin and Kahinuva as co-authors. It was started on September 15, 2009, and its last post was on November 9, 2009.


The comics begin with Janaro walking through the Middle of Nowhere, when Spartan falls from above, landing in the ground. Later, Kahinuva comes by and notices Janaro looking at something. He sees Spartan stuck in the ground, and assumes that it is Angry Nidhiki, who forgot to shave.

In another area of Nowhere, iPenguin is walking, when Spartan flies at him, yelling "Sparta!" Spartan then fired his lazor at iPenguin, after which he declared that he likes Mudkips.

Back with Kahinuva and Janaro, Kahi asks Janaro what he knows about Nowhere. Janaro then reveals himself to actually be Spartan, in disguise. The Spartan in the ground opens to reveal iPenguin inside, and Kahi is revealed to be Doofel.

There was also a filler comic featuring Arbiter and the Lolcat God from Void.


Janaro and Spartan


  • [The Middle of] Nowhere- a blank white space inhabited by noobs and dotted with buildings such as a KFC, a grocery store, etc.
  • Ectoplasmicalictopagooeycheeseinland- a grey space filled with ghostly creatures and mutants
  • The Void- a completely black space with a huge portal sitting in it
  • The Floativerse- a rainbow-coloured dimension where the laws of physics are completely out the window


The series was well received overall, but it was criticized for bearing a large resemblance to Arbiter's Void.

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