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Timely Insanity "The Movie": The Comics is a comic series written by Vahi786.

The working title for the series was The Chronicles of Vahi786, but it was renamed, after he dropped the "786" at the end of his character's name. It was released on December 23, 2010, and temporarily closed on Jan 1, 2011. The status of this series is currently unknown.


In this series, Vahi has been remaking his Movies in the form of a comic series, rather than GIF and Flash animation, because he disliked the proccess of making episodes. He plans to also finish the story of his Second movie, but improve the plot a bit.

It took place after the ending of Timely Insanity (Season 5, which was originally the series finale), which is why it's unknown if it will return or not, because Timely Insanity was recently revived for a sixth, and possibly a seventh season.


  • This series is a Spin-off series of Vahi's main comics, Timely Insanity.
  • The series is being made mostly in Paint, with backgrounds made in Gimp, and Text also written in Gimp.
  • Vahi has stated that he didn't so much like the outcome of the series, which possibly why he closed it.

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