Toa Calix

Headquarters : None
Leader : Dlakii (Formerly)
Purpose : Unknown
Allies : Turaga High Council
Enemies : Chya
Status : Defunct, one member deceased
Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Location : The Northern Isles

The Toa Calix were a team of Toa who came into existence some 300 years prior to the Great Cataclysm. Comprised of only three members, it was led by the legendary Toa Dlakii. The name Toa Calix, literally meaning Toa of Fate, has as-yet-unknown significance.

For the most part, the Toa Calix are the main protagonists of The Unknown Turaga Saga in its entirely, though Dlakii has appeared far more than the other two.


The Toa Calix were first formed when its three members - Dlakii, Enira and Harkha - became Toa. Other than that, most of their history is unknown.

Eventually, presumably around the time of the Great Cataclysm, the Toa Calix travelled to the Shadowed Isle to prevent Chya from releasing the Shadow Dragons and their leader into this dimension. After a great battle, they failed to stop this, but rendered the Lord into insubstantial vapour; however, Enira was killed in the fight. Some time after, it appears that Dlakii broke away and killed Chya, subsequently disappearing for the following 10 years. Shortly afterwards, Harkha was made the new Lord Toa.

Approximately 200 years later, Dlakii became a Turaga, rendering Harkha the last remaining member of the Toa Calix.


Defining features

Each of the Toa Calix was originally a normal Matoran, but all of them were changed into a more advanced, specialised element. Also, each of them have/had an unusual mark on the backs of their right hands; the significance of this mark is presently unknown.


  • The name "Toa Calix" actually has something to do with the mysterious marks on their hands.

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