Toa Cam


Species : Toa
Comics : Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0
Kanohi : Varies
Colors : One shade of Gold
Element : Depends on what mask he wears
Occupation : Guardian of New Comic Land
Tools : Zamor Sphere Launcher
Location : Robert's studio
Status : Alive, attempting to hunt down Vezok
Pronunciation : TOE-uh-C-am

Toa Cam is once a matoran until he fell into the Energized Protodermis, becoming a Toa who resembles a golden Matoro Inika. He attempts to save Toa Jaller from Vezok and bring the mask back to him. He is also a cousin of Inikarobert1 and Acerak


Life as a ToaEdit

After the death of Teridax, Cam heads out to Spherus Magna to settle in New Comic Land. Due to the three Piraka escping Daxia and settled in New Comic Land, and Jaller Inika, Hewki Inika, and Hahli Inika being kidnapped and had their masks stolen by the Piraka, Cam fell into the Energized Protodermis and became Toa. (Note: This is the same as the storyline in Bionicle Heroes DS).

Cam decided to hunt down the first Piraka, Vezok. using his Mask of Fire which is the Hau, Cam confronted him multiple times in battle.

Life in Robert's studioEdit

Cam settled in Inikarobert1's studio after being tired of hunting down Vezok. He met Robert and Acerak and became cousins with the two brothers. He felt that there is no place like home.


Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0 Edit

Cam first appeared in the forth comic just like Casi. and appearing later in the comics. He was seen fighting Vezok a lot of times.

Inikarobert1: The Movie Edit

Cam made his debut in the movie where he is hunting down the three Piraka. Here he align himself with the other Toa who resembles a Light blue and silver Hahli Mahri fighting Thok and his small Skakdi minions.


  • Cam is a second character based on a hero from Bionicle Heroes, the other is Gerliky's Toa Igniter
  • Toa Cam is based on Inika's real cousin Cameron.
  • He is arch-enemies with Vezok
  • Before he became a Toa, He wears a Kanohi Akaku.
  • Cam is one of the favorite characters Robert can use.

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