Toa Kodan

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Species : Matoran
Comics : RZ Kodan and Friends
Kanohi : Kakama
Colors :
Chimorou Omega: Light Grey
RZ: Dark Grey
Element : Earth
Occupation : Comic maker
Tools : 9 MM Energy Handgun
Location : Anto-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : "Ko" then "Dan"

BZPower lifeEdit

Toa Kodan is a comic maker on BZP. His comics are called RZ Kodan and Friends in RZ style sprites, but the topic was lost ina Great BZP Server Crash and has not reopened them. He Also co-authors for Dr. Khols's comics, from it's fourth season to it's sitxh, Khols VI: Battle for the Key Card. He aids him with a few comic now and then for his newest series, Summer Break. He's so far used The Chimoru Omega, RZMIK, Vortex Verdana, Razor, and Xanis 2.0 Kits, with the Chimoru Omega, RZMIK And Xanis kits used the most.


Toa Kodan is generally a kind, peaceful character, but can be a powerful fighter if need be. He is very good friends with Gavla and Dr. Khols. He prefers the things that makes life best, such as chatting and just being around people, sometimes not even talking.

RZ Kodan and FriendsEdit

Info coming soon... Maybe...

Summer BreakEdit

Kodan is a Permanent Guest Star in Khols's Summer Break, bearing a new color scheme and a visor on his mask.

Kodan, telling Gavla his lack of summer plans.

XD ComicsEdit

Kodan is a PGS in Sylux's XD Comics.


  • Desptie being "Toa" Kodan, He only has one Toa Sprite: His Xanis Version. All others are Matoran.
  • While it might be known, Toa Kodan is Canadain

The Sprites of "Toa" Kodan.

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