Toa Nidhiki05's Comics

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Genre : Comedy
Written By : Toa Nidhiki05
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : N/A
Starting Date : February 27, 2011
Medium : Most forms of Chimoru (soon to be Sigma-exclusive)
Status : Active

Toa Nidhiki05's Comics is a comic series made by Toa Nidhiki05.


TN had been contemplating creating a new series for years following his popular comics series and movies, but never got around to doing so, mainly due to the lack of Microsoft Paint on a Mac computer. When TN got a new laptop, he decided to start a new series.

TN announced he was starting a comics series on BIONICLESector01, and accepted five guest stars (Dark Light, Spawn of Teridax, Twilight Avenger, Megan51, and Cykron). TN made and released his first comic on Februrary 27, 2011, starting off his series. He later accepted friends Obitor, Toa11, and Zerothemaster as PGSes.


Toa Nidhik05's Comics is set in a comics studio in the The Comic Land. The series itself is not plot oriented and has no official continuity, meaning content in one comic may have no relation to or in fact be contradicted by material in another comic. Individual 'arcs' may be created, however, either in the now-discontinued daily strip or in regular comics.

The comic lacks both an idiot and a main villain, as TN generally dislikes those stereotypes due to the massive overuse of them. As such, TN mainly relies on PGSes and himself to fill the role of villain, with different characters acting antagonistic at times. Only two non-cast villains, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, have been used in the series.

Recurring Guest StarsEdit

Toa Nidhiki05's Comics utilizes an idea TN refers to as 'Recurring Guest Stars' (aka. RGSes). Similar in idea to Shadix's IPGSes, RGSes fulfill a role similar to recurring characters on television shows, appear less often than PGSes, but more often than regular guest stars.

RGSes are chosen from the guest star pool by TN, and appear occasionally throughout the series. RGSes retain this role for the remainder of the season, after which TN promotes one or two to a full PGS.

Characters/Permanent Guest StarsEdit

  • TN
  • Dark Light
  • Megan51
  • Twilight Avenger
  • Spawn of Teridax
  • Cykron
  • Toa11
  • Obitor
  • Zerothemaster

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