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Toaster (Character)


Species : Toasterbot
Comics : No specific series
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Green, Blue
Element : Toast
Occupation : None
Tools : Minor electromagnetic powers
Location :
Status : Active
Pronunciation : TO-star

This article is about Toaster, the robot invented by Tapika. You may be looking for The Bohrok Lord's Toaster.

Toaster Mark III is a robot who belongs to no specific comic series. He is designed to toast bread to perfection. He always does this. In his original form, MKII, his backstory was that he was created by Tapika. This is no longer the case, as he has taken over the role of being a representative for toaster1 from him.

Gavla's Comics

TOASTER met Toaster during 3.0 during a guest star comic where they brawled. When he became a permanent guest star later on, he made up his differences and the two became good friends. He generally did not do much in the sagas. He has yet to do anything in 4.0, but is quite prominent in the header. This is the series in which he upgrades to MKIII.


  • He is a Toasterbot, which means there is a whole lot of TOASTER-like robots running around. This is not good.
  • According to Wikipedia: In Science Fiction, the term Toaster is a common nickname for robots (or similar artificial lifeforms) The term coaster toaster is also seen, particularly in reference to a computer drive with a high rate of recording errors.
  • toaster1 is working on a deal with Nuparurocks for a chance to get TOASTER in there somehow.

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