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The Toasterbots are a group of robots with Vahki heads that always have the color blue in their color schemes, except the first ever model. They are named after the first model, the one that is the most popular. There is a rumour that their creation is a conspiracy cover up by the Hau Agency.


The very first Toasterbot is Toaster, from The Comics of the Morons and created by Sharnak. Tapika created his own Toaster, which first appeared in I MADE THIS. Because of this, some have been led to believe that Sharnak's Toaster is a rip-off of Tapika's. This is absolutely false, and has been corrected by both comic makers.


In the above photo, we see a group of Chimoru Omega Toasterbots group together for a family photo. Notice the giant floating question mark of doom as when this picture was made the status of TOASTER MKIII's looks were undecided.

List of Toasterbots

(Thought to be) Out of service

  • TOASTER MKI (Was only a test of the company's abilities, went on limited production line)
  • Orange peeler (Deemed the world's most useless invention)
  • Atomic Bomb (Banned by the United Comical Federation in all 27 states)

Current models



Idea stage, not mass production

  • Freezer (Everyone wants to make sure their fridge doesn't break down while they are on holiday
  • Elecrtic toothbrush (To keep your teeth squeaky clean and enforce your diet)
  • Screwdriver (Bob the build-bot)

Abandoned ideas/April fools jokes

  • Ice cream maker (Not true, just an april fool's joke on this year's production shedules. Supposed 'Limited run')
  • Mobile phone (Too big, advertised 'Ultra-Mobile phone')

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