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This article is about the character in Dark709's Comics. For the BZPower member and LTSL character, see here.
Torri Torri


Species : Matoran
Comics : Dark709's Comics
Kanohi : Mahiki
Colors : Light Green
Element : air
Occupation : Dark709's friend
Tools : Numerous
Location : Dark709's Comics Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Torri Torri is a character in Dark709's Comics.


Torri Torri is just a normal Matoran except he has a living shadow. Torri Torri and his shadow were once great enemies, but after Shadow got purified, it has started to help Torri Torri. He is very paranoid. Torri Torri wears a light green Mahiki. He has since become a Toa with his shadow.

Shadow was at first the foe of Dark and the rest of the cast, until he was turned good. He has since been separated from Torri as a Toa. The character has been seen as easily misunderstanding at times, as evidenced in Crimson Jester's GS comic.

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