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A traveler is one who has broken the fourth wall of consciousness and entered into another universe by means of psychokinesis, either by one's own doing or another's. In The Fourth Wall, these fictional people are the focus of the plot.


The number of the first travelers are known, as they were the leading scientists investigating the theroy of conciousness. Of the known travelers are GKG (Green Komau Guy), Emkay, Caboose, and Gavla. Gavla was taken by the government for testing, while GKG was abandoned by the other scientists for reasons unknown. He later met another Matoran and then they met others and formed The Fourth, an organization devoted to finding other "travelers". It is unknown what became of Emkay at this time, but some time later he also joined the group.

After the first arrivals a huge rush of Matoran came, and soon The Fourth had group all over the globe. These groups were aware of one another but never interacted. After this rush, the Government began to start capturing the Matoran. Soon enough, their numbers were diminishing to a fraction of what they once were.

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