Tropical Comics


Author(s) : Ziko
Current Season : One
Medium : Expanded RZ
Island : Laciport Isle
Main Enemies : The Komau Wearing Character
Number of Movies : None
Started On : August 30, 2009
Location : Across the Island
Status : Conluded
Pronunciation : Traw-pih-cul Caw-miks

Tropical Comics was Ziko's, then The Tropical Fruit, first comic series after returning to BZPower after about a year of absence.

The comics were set on Laciport Isle, Ziko's private island about five hours, by boat, away from the nearest landmass. The comics were fairly well-recieved. The series ended after Ziko finished the story. It was followed by =D Comics Again.


"Tropic" in the Following Paragraphs Refers to Ziko, the Comic Maker/Character

Tropic and the others were stranded on Laciport Isle when Tropic's yacht was destroyed. They were ab;e to live their lifes fairly normally, due to the luxurious nature of the island, until problems arose. There was somebody lurking around the island that seems to have it in for the group. Just when they are about to question him, he vanishes when he asks Chow to get him a crab cake. He later appears again as a fake Tropic denying iPenguin's existence and later transporting all of those present on the island into an alternate dimension.

The Komau stranger then heads off for a crab cake. After eating said crab cake, he attempts to chat it up with his captives. He isn't able to, and leaves the dimension. Shortly after this, Master Darman and Dramatic Chipmunk fly through, tearing a hole in the dimension and allowing the group to escape. Those present corner the Komau-Wearer, but he merely begins to fly away. Kora then freezes him, effectively capturing him. Dr. Doctor goes to call the police.

The police come to Laciport Isle, Toupaka right behind them. They ask why the stranger was causing havoc. Tropic then explains that he first appeared in one of Tintimo's classes, talking about the raffle for Laciport Isle. He told that the Komau stranger must've forced everyone into not putting tickets, but missed Tropic (or still Banana Split at the time).

He was mad when Banana won however he got confused by Banana's name change to The Tropical Fruit but somehow found him and began following him. He followed Tropic to Laciport Isle, and blew up his yacht when his friends came. Somehow, his friends were unharmed. He hid their phone, but it was recovered by Darman when he tore through the pocket dimension.

The police thank Tropic again, and leave. Toupaka brings Tropic and co. back to the mainland, ending the first season.

Elsewhere, the stranger thanks the police, who were his henchmen, for a job well done. He then decides to continue his ultimate plan.


Character Description
Tropic (previously known as "Banana Split") The owner of Laciport Isle. Ziko's Comic Counterpart.
iPenguin One of Tropic's Friends. He is claustraphobic. He didn't exist in many of the comics.
Tictoc He likes to play tricks on Tintimo and has some time powers.
Dr. Doctor A useless psychiatrist. He owns one of the phones on Laciport Isle.
Tintimo A no-nonsense science teacher who doesn't like Tictoc.
Chow He's in love with Mein and doen't know that she doen't like him.
Mein She tries to avoid Chow at all costs and gets irritated easily.
Fuzz An all-black character who's dark side evaporated during M.E.E.P.
"The Komau Wearing Character" An Unknown Matoran with a black Komau. He wants Laciport Isle.
Kothra A control freak. He tries to be in charge of everything.
Jiigoo One of Tropic's friends. He has toothpaste powers.
Kora Somebody who ended up on the island. He has ice powers.
Darman A teleporter who arrived on the island by accident.
Dramatic Chipmunk He can make any situation seem more dramatic than it actually is.
Toupaka Jiigoo's friend. He brings a boat to ferry everyone back to the mainland.

ermanent Guest Stars


Tropical Comics received a variety of reviews, mainly positive. It was praised for the color in it. It was also been criticized due to the relative simplicity of the backgrounds.

"Kind of random, but not bad overall."
"These are pretty good, but I liked MEEP way more."
"It is well done, these comics. Very bright and colorful. And the comedy is good"
— dramatic.chipmunk
"Anyway pretty funny comics ill be watching O_O"


The series accepted Guest Stars. The first five GS's became the PGS's of the series. The GS list was closed when the end of the series came about.

The Making of

Tropical Comics used Expanded RZ sprites, and used a single-panel format for most of the comics. Some more plot-oriented,band GS, comics had more panels. The brunt of the comic making was done in Paint, but effects were done in GIMP. Microsoft PowerPoint was used to make the text boxes. By the end of the series, nearly all of the work was done in GIMP.


  • Laciport is Tropical spelled backwards.
  • Tropical Comics has a section containing the =D Comics deleted in the Dataclysm.
  • The Comics were made on the weekends, so that Ziko could post a new comic every day, even when he had homework.


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