Species : Matoran
Comics : Metrukuta Comics, Project Klinkerpoop
Kanohi : Tulgen, Mask of Ectype (Originally Komau)
Colors : Brown, (originally red) yellow.
Element : Plasma
Occupation : Professional Cow Tipper
Tools : Toaster, Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device
Location : Mata Nui
Status : Alive?
Pronunciation : TUMS

Toa Achilles (more commonly reffered to as Tums) is a comic author and character originally from the Metrukuta comics. He has appeared in four other minor series, yet currently only exists in Project Klinkerpoop


Toa Achilles joined BZP on December 28th , 2004 inspired by Metrukuta's Comic series. He competed for the role of Metrukuta's co-author for said series, and by freak accident, beat out the other two competitors. Tums went on to co-author for four comic series simultaneously, yet has never held his own series. He joined Project Klinkerpoop the day it began, and has remained one of the only authors never to have left/been fired/been on temporary lease from the Project. On BZPower, he eaked out his meager existance posting a satiric and humorous blog and entering in BBC contest, in which he has never made it past semi-finals. He did win the Piraka Building Contest at the MOA Legoland, but nobody seems to believe this fact.

As a character, Tums is usually one of the more practical authors, often tying up loose ends others leave behind. After too many people started using his sprite as their own character, Tums changed his sprite to include bronze armor, a custom Kanohi, and a change from red armor to brown. Nobody seemed to notice the latter and kept on portraying him as a Ta-Matoran. To fix this, he installed an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device permanently into his arm, again forcing everyone to use the browned sprite. Throughout the comics, he has created a few running gags, including Lord of the Danimals, Fishtank, The Good Ship Shipplygood, The Time Washer, and many other running gags.

Due to a random twist in the Project Klinkerpoop script, Tums has accidentally swapped places with Teridax as the mind of Mata Nui. Now the Makuta has been shoved into the Matoran's body and Tums has become the Matoran Universe. He is unaware of this fact as of now, and Teridax does not yet seem to notice the swap.


In Project Klinkerpoop (his only current project) Tums will almost always follow the events from the previous comic and attempt to skew the storyline off on a new gimmick. This often ends up being the most noticable plot twist until his next turn comes around, during which another tangent is created. Without a lot of professional software for comic-making, he usually sticks to using MS Paint and a custom gradient-generating program. Most of his jokes are either pun-based or attempts to be clever, keeping away from the slapstick comedy which the other authors are more adept with. Usually, he will seek a way to avoid trouble and end up eating toast in its stead.

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