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The Tunnel Transporter is a helicopter aircraft, seemingly militaristic in basis, originating from LEGO's ever-awesome Rock Raiders line. They are utilized in The Newsroom.


Turaga Dlakii, the CEO of Channel Billion, owns and maintains a personal fleet of Tunnel Transporters, the exact numbers of which are unknown. Very recently, he loaned one to Tahuri, Kotahn and Lewajohnson in order to rescue Toranova from Karda Nui; prior to the trip, he had Lai stock it in preparation for the journey. This particular craft was destroyed by an explosive device set on board by Lai, and it was sent plunging into the Swamp of Secrets.


The Tunnel Transporters are capable of flying, to put it simply, really fast; specifics beyond that are unknown. Their method of flight is two sets of dual propellers, positioned on the end of wings. Utilizing a chain-magnet system on its underside, a Tunnel Transporter is capable of carrying loads equal to its own weight, even entire vehicles.


  • It goes without saying that the use of the Tunnel Transporter in The Newsroom stems from Turaga Dlakii's adoration of the LEGO Rock Raiders line and its accompanying PC game.

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