This article is about the original idea from The Unknown Turaga Saga. You may be looking for information concerning the cheap blatant ripoff of it from The North-western Isles Continuity.

Turaga High Council


Headquarters : Nyriac Tower
Leader : Unknown
Purpose : To govern The Northern Isles
Allies : Toa, Matoran, Dlakii, Proto D
Enemies : Unknown
Status : Active, at peace
Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Location : Nyriac, Northern Continent

The Turaga High Council is the Matoran ruling body of the Northern Isles.


Much of the Turaga High Council's history is presently unknown. However, the organisation has been active for thousands of years, since some time after the Matoran first settled in the Northern Continent.

Their present actions are also something of a mystery. Nothing has been seen of the Council in the story as of yet.


The Turaga High Council is somewhat based on the United Nations, in that it is a ruling body comprised of representatives from each of its territories. These representatives are either Turaga or Matoran tasked with ruling a region.

The Council is led by an elected leader, or Governor. Politically, the Governor is the most powerful being in the dome. The Governor is always assisted by the present Lord Toa.


At present, only one member of the Turaga High Council, past or present, is known, and even then he hasn't actually been seen in the series yet.


  • Arukka, a member of the Turaga High Council, is set to appear in the animated Chapter 20 of The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons; he will be voiced by Turaga Dlakii. As a Toa, he is also set to appear within the next few chapters of LIGHT, as the mentor of Toa Eljay.
  • The history of the Turaga High Council will be elaborated on in part of LIGHT, and much of the Council at the time will be seen.
  • Dlakii has been offered the role of Turaga of Port Spirit on many occasions, but has always refused.

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