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Turaga Nikila


Species : Turaga
Comics : The Pirogi Vampire
Kanohi : Noble Ruru
Colors : Yellow, black.
Element : Lightning
Occupation : Guard
Tools : A wide variety of guns
Location : N/A
Status : Alive and cynical.
Pronunciation : tu-RAH-gah nih-KEE-la
"What's wrong with everybody?"
— Turaga Nikila, The Pirogi Vampire

Turaga Nikila is a gun-obsessed Turaga of Lightning in the comic series The Pirogi Vampire. Lately, the character has turned more to a coffee-drinking critic of Zakitano's every move.


Turaga Nikila is gun-obsessed, and is given to bursts of anger and complaints to Zakitano.

The Pirogi Vampire
Authors Zakitano
Series The Pirogi Vampire | The Pirogi Vampire: Reimagined
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