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Twin Lava Swords


Comics : Dovydas's Comics 4.0
Type of Weapon : Swords
Main colour : Red
Power : Fire, to a lesser extent Earth
Size : Long
Usage : Weapon, harnessing elemental energy
Status : In use by Dovydas
Pronunciation : N/A

The Twin Lava Swords are weapons used by Toa Dovydas. In the fashion of Tahu Nuva's swords, they can merge to form a doublesword or a lavaboard, depending on the usage. They resemble two Kopaka Mata blades, except they are red.


They had earlier belonged to a Ta-Matoran called Tajiku, who trained Dovydas to fight, and when dying, passed on the swords to him. Another student, Znotus, had falsely assumed from several hints that it was him to whom Tajiku wished to leave the blades, and a conflict over the blades escalated into hatred between Dovydas and Znotus and had not stopped when Dovydas became a Toa, leading to Znotus joining Krazimahki out of hatred for Dovydas.


The swords can harness some limited energy of fire without any Toa required to wield it, and a very little extent of earth, if they are used conjunctively - to form lava.

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