Twisted History

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Genre : Semi-Historical Comedy, Adventure
Started/Maintained By : Nuparurocks, Rorschach, Caboose, The Tee, Turaga Dlakii, iPenguin, RTNDNA, Kortu, Dokuma, Zonis
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Medieval Times
Main Enemies : Unknown
Starting Date : January 9, 2009
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Dead

Twisted History was a Multi-Author Series created by Nuparurocks. The plot focuses around a group of authors who discover a mysterious purple crystal that transports them back to the year 1241, during the High Middle Ages.


TH Suck

The authors are sucked into the past

The plot begins when Dokuma finds a mysterious crystal. At the "Urging" of Zonis, he touches it, only to have nothing happen. As soon as he is ridiculed, a portal opens above the crystal and the authors are sucked in. A medieval Takomo invites Dokuma, Nuparurocks, Zonis and Rorschach to stay in his inn while it rains. Zonis thinks of eating his brain. Once inside the inn, our quadruple heroes discover they have no money. Before they start improvising on Zon's previous plan, Takomo tells them that they can win money via poker tournaments. Outside, all the rest of our travelers are drenched by rain. When the rain clears, Dok and Zonis travel to the castle where the first poker game will be held, where they discover that Kortu was somehow transported back too. Meanwhile, iPenguin, Caboose, RTNDNA and Toranova crib about the fact that they got brutally ditched, while Turaga Dlakii mysteriously disappears. Finally, Zonis finds them and tells them about a Medieval Chicken Lord after getting killed by Kortu. iPenguin asks Zonis about the chicken lord, before getting smashed by it. Dlakii reappears, and joins iPenguin, Caboose, RTNDNA and Toranova inside a cave like area. Dlakii says he sees some kind of light. Dokuma and Kortu are in the castle of their poker tournament. After seemingly burying Zonis and talking about poker, Zonis' Ghost complains that they (Korts and Doks) aren't noticing him.

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