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These weapons as they appear in Master Darman's comics Bionicle Halo.



-Assualt Rifle: The assault rifle is a weapon common among Toa/Matoran. It is a rapid fire, lightweight weapon. Yet how common it is, it is only been seen once in the

Assualt Rifle

comics. The cuurent rifle was made by Refy. -Turret: Not directly from Halo itself. It was designed by Refy.



Covenant weapons have been made more by the BH fan-base.

-Plasma Pistol: Basic weapons used by Jackals and Grunts. They have not made an appearance in the comics yet. Designed by Krintask.

Plasma Pistol

-Plasma Rifle: Commonly used by most classes of Covenant. Not appeared in comics yet.

-Fuel Rod Cannon: Mostly mounted on Hunter's arms, but portable versions are also seen. Not in comics yet.

-Carbine: Basic Covenant sniping weapon. Yet not appeared in comics, they are used by Jackals and Elites.

use's in comics

the charecters in bionicle halo use these wepeons ..... ALOT

miru [ Of oh my miru's comicz] use's UNSC wepeons and armor

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