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Species : Matoran
Comics : Comics of The Morons
Kanohi : A Vahi with a visor
Colors : Yellow, white
Element : Light
Occupation : Unknown
Tools : Numerous
Location : Moron Island
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Ukcaz is an irritable matoran from Comics of the Morons.

Character History

Not much is known about Ukcaz, other than that she somehow ended up on Moron Island and became a comic character for a mutant matoran known as Sharnak. His Permanant Guest Star, Gavla, became romantically interested in her, but she did not reflect those feelings, and Gavla used a love potion to win her over. She remained his girlfriend until they met a Makuta known as Trilax. Trilax amplified her emotions and when she found him with a mysterious girl known as Poison, she angrily stormed off and later pummeled Gavla until his Makuta side awakened. They have remained only friends since.


Ukcaz is very selfish and cares little for the well being of others.

Other Appearences

Ukcaz has appeared as a main character along with Sharnak and Toaster in Gavla's Comics.


  • 'Ukcaz' is 'Zacku' backwards. Zacku is a selfish, snobby character from Dark709's Comics.
  • Ukcaz's relationship with Gavla ending was due to a request from her creator, The Bohrok Lord.

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