United States Air Force

Air Force

Location : Earth; the United States
Comic Series : Generic Quest
Leader : Unknown
Goal : Defense of the United States; pacification of all air-based threats to security
Status : Active

The United States Air Force, or the U.S. Air Force, or simply the Air Force, is the branch of the United States Military dealing with aerial combat and defense.

Plot Summary

In the comic series Generic Quest, the Air Force declares a no-fly zone over downtown Los Angeles after a team of unknown stealth fighters conducts a large-scale attack on the base of a defense contractor, starting a fire that spreads to virtually all the downtown region. When General Haas and Peterson escort the "chosen ones" away from the site via helicopter, they are forced to pass over the no-fly zone. The Air Force shoots the helicopter down, and intended to pursue the survivors until Blavinoid Marcalium intervened and destroyed the fleet.

Soon, they, along with the rest of the military forces in the area, captured the group. When Sir Evil's Droids began entering the Earth's atmosphere, they decided to give the captives immunity in exchange for their assistance. Working together with the B Team, they successfully fought off these droids and assassinated Sir Evil.


The United States Air Force will also play a major role in The Fourth Wall. The Air Force currently has a target on Oni in Los Angeles.

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