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Picture showing the volatile and random nature of Command User Choice-Oriented Comic series.

A User Choice-Oriented Comic, often referred to as a "Quest" or "MSPaint Adventures" series, is a comic series that allows for readers to either vote or suggest events or choices for the characters in the series to make. In the case where a vote is needed to determine what will happen next, the author in a sense still has control over the series, although it is conceivable that the author could lie about how many PM's they got for a certain event to happen. These are named Structured User Choice-Oriented Comic Series. However, if the author allows for any and all suggestions to be made for what will happen next, some very random and seemingly distracting things can happen, as illustrated by this one on the left taken from Taco Party. These series, named Command User Choice-Oriented Comic series, are not structured in the sense that the author has a set of predetermined paths. In some cases, however, this can be an advantage, since a reader may think of something that the author thinks is great.

These comics bare similarity to the classic text-based adventure games of the late '70s and early '80s, only coupled with images.

List of SeriesEdit

The list of comic series that incorporate User Choice-Oriented Comic Series.

Trivia Edit

  • This type of series was pioneered by a popular webcomic and on BZP by MK Comics: Delta, although it wasn't popularized until Quest was introduced two years later.

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