VahkiPower-Guard is a user choice-oriented comic series authored by Rokroro. It started plotless until a command sent wanted there to be a spy in the army, Rokroro must now take the fight in his own hands and defeat the BZP-Guard/Hapori Tohu for freedom.


The VP-Guard Military


In VPG Rokroro is the 666th commander of the 889th unit. In the fourth comic he was shot and in comic five he was brutally damaged by the bullet that turned out to be explosive.

Hapori Dume

Hapori Dume works for freedom, though he must hide from the people of Hapori Nui since Hapori Tohu have distorted the truth to keep his throne.

The BZP-Guard Military

Dough Stonpai

One of the bad guys, is sniper and a temporary spy.


Hapori Tohu's General, has shadow elemental powers.

Future Plans

VPG have been planned to last 10 pages, after that it's okay with Rokroro that it may die. If Rokroro gets banned he has no plans to continue these on dA.

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