Vahkoro: Behind The Mask


Genre : Random Comedy
Written By : Vahkoro, Venom, Cal, JediBot
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Usually Outside
Main Enemies : N/A
Starting Date : December 17, 2007
Medium : RZMIK
Status : Dead; Ended

Vahk: BTM, short for Vahkoro: Behind The Mask was a popular multi-author comic series by Vahkoro and his most successful one started on December 17, 2007 using RZMIK. It lasted for 100 comics and the topic earned 10 pages.




The final 100th comic.

The comics used the then popular sprite grass background, before Tahuri and Kotahn popularized the grass brush background. It also used another more basic (rectangle) grass background but still well made. The sprite grass backgrounds featured a sun made in GIMP.

The average comic was six panels. Each comic featured different jokes. A notable one was in Comic 38 when Vahkoro from the year 3008 (one millennium in the future) searches for his great, great, great uncle (present Vahkoro).

Other notable jokes include JediBot's two "How to Camp" comics and Comic 70 by Vahkoro, featuring the Kanohi Devil (a custom sprited RZ devil mask by Vahkoro).

Another popular joke in the comics was when a group of flying insects appeared who shouted "CHOCOLATE LAPIZ!" and hence were named that.

Vahk Wars

There was a mini-subseries of Vahk: BTM by author JediBot entitled Vahk Wars and was a parody of Star Wars. It lasted for four comics (three by JediBot, one by Vahkoro).

The subseries starts with JediBot ordering his crew to stop at a hotel, however his assistant suggests to stop at Naboo, to which the crew says "No." The "hotel" turns out to be a Sith mothership. The captain informs the unnamed Darth of the Jedi and he prepares his Droid army, saying "Steal their room key!".

As the Darth sends his droids to attack, an unnamed ice-blue character asks "Attack WHAT?". However the Darth ignores this, instead focusing on a bee that got in the ship. Suddenly the Jedi attack and destroy the droids, causing the Darth and the unnamed character to flee and order to close the blast doors. The Jedi then await for Destroyers to come.

Soon enough, the Destroyers (floating Brown Avohkii heads) find the Jedi who are attacked with their laser gun blasts, however the Jedi jump in panic, causing the blasts to kill the Destroyers. JediBot's assistant then suggest going to Naboo and he agrees.

On Naboo, we see Jar Jar Binks and a group of Droids. As Jar Jar is sniffing a flower, JediBot saves him from being destroyed by the Droid lasers. JediBot is enraged at the Droids and they flee. Jar Jar hugs JediBot causing him to exclaim "ugh..."


Guest Stars

Permanent Guest Stars

  • Lixan
  • popup2
  • Venom (later author)
  • Cal (later author)
  • JediBot (later author)
  • Philipnova798


  • Vahk: BTM inspired the hugely more successful ~V~.

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