Vakican City is the capital city of Empire Vak. It exists only in an alternate dimension in which Vak has conquered the land in which The Newsroom is set.


Vakican City has, to some extent, always existed. It apparently became what it is at present when Vak accidentally incited a revolution and conquered the city in which The Newsroom is set. Following his claiming of the city, Vak introduced his own warped dictatorship, appointing himself as Emperor and readjusting the city to his taste, renaming it "Vakican City". In the turmoil, that dimension's version of Turaga Dlakii was killed and Channel Billion Studios was destroyed.

Some time later, a version of Turaga Dlakii originating from a different dimension arrived in Vakican City, via the use of his five-year Kanohi Olmak. In response to this, Vak sent out his lieutenant Nukora to "greet him properly". Nukora corners Dlakii and holds him up at gunpoint, but is distracted (or so Dlakii likes to think) and Dlakii escapes with his Olmak.


Vakican City is essentially a massive city. All the buildings but one are of a uniform design: black and purple skyscrapers. The skyline is dominated by a "palace tower", a much larger skyscraper with purple spikes sticking out.

The only building not like this is the ruined site of Channel Billion Studios which, seemingly as something of a warning to nonconformists, has been left in its original site.


  • Vakican City was directly inspired by New Pork City, a similar dictatorial city from Mother 3. Ironically, Turaga Dlakii has never played any of the Mother games, his knowledge of the franchise stemming from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The name "Vakican City" is a direct pun on "Vatican City", the seat of leadership of the Catholic Church.
  • The idea behind Vak's totalitarian rule was inspired by the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell.

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