Species : Matoran
Comics : Bionicle Star Wars, Vanatu's Comics
Kanohi : Dark Red Noble Ruru
Colors : Red
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Jedi Master, Ta-Koro Guard
Tools : Lightsaber, Fire Sword
Location : Levanus-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Va-na-too

Vanatu is a comic maker, Jedi Master, Nuvaro's brother, and character in Bionicle Star Wars. He also has his own series, Vanatu's Comics.


In Bionicle Star Wars

Vanatu, despite being mostly sane, is a very short-tempered and violent Jedi. For example, when Tagale told him he cut an herb, Vanatu began banging his head against his starfighter, which in turn caused Vanatu to begin yelling at Tagale. Another time, he was very angry that Tagale and Jedi Master Satua were arguing about being teamed-up with each other. He also has an intense hatred of the Sith and wishes to see them destroyed.

In Vanatu's Comics

In Vanatu's Comics, Vanatu has a similar personality to his character in Bionicle Star Wars.

Powers and Abilities

Vanatu is the most skilled fighter among the Jedi. Other than being a skilled fighter he also has other powers that revolve around fire.

Bionicle Star Wars
Author Nuvaro
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Locations Omega Serus | Levanas Nui

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