A map of the island. It is slightly innacurate.

Vara-Nui is the home of Janaro Oliver and his friends, and one of the many settings of Janaro's Café and the Taone Nui Offline Game. It was, for many years, part of the Meta-Nuian Empire

A photograph of the island from overhead.


Vara-Nui's flag.



Vara-Nui is located directly north of Taone Nui and south-west of Scrui-Nui. It has many areas within it.

Frosted TipEdit

The northernmost point of the island if covered in ice and snow. It is a desolate wasteland, apart from a few research stations, the most prominent of which is research station "Psi".

The PlainsEdit

The plains are a large, flat area of grassland, on which most locations on Vara Nui are built.


Vara-City is the only large city of Vara-Nui, other than a few small villages. Its government; Turaga, Bruma; Janaro and The Anonymous Institute reside within its limits.

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