Species : Piraka (Skakdi)
Comics : Inikarobert1's comics 2.0
Kanohi : None
Colors : Dark Blue ans silver
Element : Water
Occupation : Evil Mastermind of New Comic Land
Tools : Zamor Launcher, Dual Harpoon weapon
Location : Vezok's Coastline in New Comic Land
Status : Alive, heading to Robert's studio to launch an attack.
Pronunciation : Vee-Zock

Vezok as seen in Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0 is a cruel and vicious Piraka who who wants to take back at Toa Cam. He is responsible for kidnapping Jaller Inika and stole his mask.

Before Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0Edit

Vezok escaped from Daxia to Spherus Magna after the death of Teridax. There he bent on dominating New Comic Land by unleashing an army of blue Skakdi. They claim a small site known as Vezok's Coastline. 'til a bunch of Water Glatorians saw the uprising, Vezok declares war. Toa Cam fought him in numerous battles but fled. He kidnaps Jaller Inika and stole his mask. He then took Jaller as prisoner.

In Inikarobert1's comics 2.0Edit

Vezok invades Robert's studio most time to get back at Toa Cam. He wrecks Robert's studio in some Guest Star comics. He also formed an alliance with the Noobs to fight Cam but failed.

In Inikarobert1:The MovieEdit

Vezok will soon be in the movie. He will be voiced by Robert Schmidt.


  • This Vezok is based on the Vezok from Bionicle Heroes DS.
  • He was seen kidnapping Jaller Inika and pries the mask off his face.

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