Species : Matoran
Comics : Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : Noble Komau
Colors : Blue, Grey
Element : N/Z
Occupation : Comic Character
Tools : N/A
Location : Phil's Comic Studio
Status : Alive, but very Paranoid
Pronunciation : Vis-Ola

Vhisola is a character in both the Bionicle universe and in Philipnova798's Comics Factory 2.0.

Character OverviewEdit

Vhisola is a paranoid freak of a Ga-Matoran. She is afraid of almost everything in the world.

In Philipnova798's Comics Factory 2.0Edit

Vhisola was an active and energetic Ga-Matoran before she became the paranoid Matoran she is now. She often hung with her pals Hahli and Macku. But when she was hired by Phil, everything changed. Koi Boy was testing out a few new inventions on he other members of the cast. And by accident, zapped Vhisola with his Paranoia Ray (He was trying to get Tahu Nuva). Ever since that incident, Vhisola has thought that Makuta is her father, been afraid of Random Blue Matoran's pet and thinks that she is a man.

She Appears in the movie in a silent Cameo.

Project UnlikelyEdit

Vhisola was up for wanting to appear in Project Unlikely as a main character. But was beaten by both Swearing Steve and Gatling Gun Henry. She will hopefully, be a guest character.

Toa Metru: Take TwoEdit

As a Toa Metru of Water, Vhisola was going to be a major character in Toa Metru: Take Two until the series was temporarily discontinued.

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