Vigor Mortis


Species : Matoran
Comics : Greyscape
Kanohi : Pakari
Colors : Green, Dark Green, Black.
Element : Not as such.
Occupation : Comic Maker and Spriter.
Tools : Undefinable Perception.
Location : Everywhere.
Status : Active
Pronunciation : vii-gOr mOr-tis
"It is my understanding that no two people will agree on the same form of the same thing. Don't you agree?"
— Vigor Mortis showing his immense analytical powers
Vigor Mortis, formerly known as Eques, is a BZPower member and comic maker, currently writing Greyscape.


Vigor Mortis joined BZPower as Eques on September 24, 2007. His first comics were far from what many would call quality material. After two short seasons, he moved on to his first Multi-Author Series, Star Trek: Voyage of Sight. After changing his name to Captain Eques, the series went on for about two chapters. At the time, he was experimenting with his first custom sprites, and soon thereafter published his first RZ expansion, the RZ Fan Expansion Kit. Unfortunately, STVOS also died. After, he began his third series, Ravnica: City of Guilds, which was his first true attempt at somewhat quality comics. Changing his name to Golgari Eques, this series continued for some time, until the Data Crash in BZPower that caused many posts and topics to be lost in the forums. He reposted the series, but was greatly discouraged, and soon left BZPower for several months.


Coming back several months after he took his leave, now as Vigor Mortis, he released his fourth comic series, Vigor Mortis: Resurrection. This series had much higher quality than his previous attempts. But once again, this series eventually died out as well. Thereafter, his activity went on and off. He has since regained activity, and comments and posts more frequently.

Cosmological Complexity ConceptionEdit

Vigor Mortis has now posted the series Greyscape, which by far has much greater quality than any of his other comics. At the same time, he announced that he had founded C3, a group whose purpose is to spread interest in science through comics.

Personality and Other InformationEdit

Vigor Mortis often offers helpful advice, but at the same time seems to wish to be somewhat of an outsider in the sense that he often uses 'big words' and phrases that few can comprehend. In real life, he expresses a profound interest in science, particularly Astrophysics and Cosmology. He owns in his library many books by Steven Hawking and other renowned Astronomers.

External LinksEdit

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