Author(s) : Ziko
Current Season : One (Upcoming)
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : Secret
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : N/A
Location : A University (Partially)
Status : Development
Pronunciation : VUR choo ul

Virtual is an upcoming comic series written by BZPower member Ziko. The current release date is not known, though it will likely be released fairly far in the future. This series will not be part of the ICC.

Not much else is known about this series to anyone other than Ziko.

Known Information


The Only Picture of the Comics Currently Released.

As the name suggests, the series involves a computer. A large portion of the series will take place in a computer lab at the university that Tintimo works at. It is set during the winter, which plays a small part in the plot.

Ziko released one picture of a comic panel (shown below) in his Blog. It is a picture of Ziko and Jiigoo discussing something, though the image is lacking in any text. Kothra is also related to this picture in some way.


There are going to be two graphic styles in the comics, coinciding with the comics two main locations. One is graphics-oriented, using GIMP and Photoshop backgrounds and effects.The other is a much simpler style, without any fancy looks. There is a reason for this, which makes more sense once you know how the comics work.

Ziko is taking a Flash class at school next semester, and he hopes to use some of this knowledge in the comics. Because of this, the series's release will be delayed until this class begins.



  • Ziko knows that somebody is going to say that this is overly similar to Quest, even though it really isn't.
  • Since Ziko began planning this, some series have came up with a plot similar to this.

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