Vor, wielding the Grammar Hammer.

Vor is the current wielder of the Grammar Hammer and the guardian of an unknown powerful weapon.


Vor was a normal Matoran on Engima City for several hundred years. During this time, he befriended another Matoran named Adir, and became his most trusted companion. One day, as he was going along his normal duties, he found Adir battered and almost dead on the road. As he noticed his friend's colorful costume, Adir told him with his dying breath that he was the wielder of the Grammar Hammer, a weapon of immense power. He was battling his arch enemy the Grand One to the death, a battle which Adir had lost. He then gave Vor the Hammer and told him that he was chosen to wield the legendary weapon next. Vor picked up the Hammer and was instantly transformed with the same costume Adir had. He also gained much knowledge and also found that he was in charge of guarding an supreme weapon made by the Cosmic Entity who also had created the Hammer. With his newfound power, he went and waged battle with the Grand One, besting him and forcing him into a pocket dimension. He then became part of the Superteam The Impossibles. He later joined fellow teammate Cowman in assisting Kahinuva to get home, but was interrupted by Vortinus. Kahinuva then volunteered to become Kahinova and siphon off energy to the Grammar Hammer so that Vor could teleport the whole island to The Comic Land. However, the Hammer did not have the power to teleport Kahinuva, Cowman, and Vor to the planet that housed the Comic Land and they were ripped through the Time-Space Continuum and into an unknown dimension where Kahinuva was a world-wanted Terrorist.


All of Vor's powers come from the Grammar Hammer alone.


  • Vor is based, of course, on the Norse hero Thor.
  • The weapon that Vor guards will be revealed in the Alternative Saga of Live, Learn and Lawsuits

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