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Walking with a Ghost


Genre : Unknown
Started/Maintained By : Garda
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : The characters' home
Main Enemies : Unknown
Starting Date : N/A
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Unreleased

Walking with a Ghost is a new comic series started by Garda. It is set after the war of Portal Panic.


At the end of Portal Panic, Garda is stabbed, but his wife gives birth to triplets shortly afterward. The triplets are named Xarda(Green), Jarda(Blue), and Arda(Red). Their mother dies and Sarah, who is one of Garda's friends, is put in charge of them.

In present time the triplets are teenagers, which is where the series begins. The comics follow the triplets as they grow to be adults. During this journey, they are accompied by Garda's Ghost, whom is only visible to them. Garda guides them through their life and helps them to make their decisions.

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