Random, Humorous
Sprite kit:
Axis Kit, rumors of being switched to Chimoru
Started on:
December 25th, 2009
Temporary Closed

Wasabi is a comic series created by Kodrak. The series is based in a war time where a Commander and a couple of assistants continue to mess up things. It was created for a sole purpose of humor.


Character Description
Commander Uno Commander Uno is a war-hardened veteran. It is very hard to make him laugh.
Sergeant Jim Sergeant Jim is very clumsy and idiotic. He is, however, a good fighter.
Admiral Bob (Bioboy12, PGS) Admiral Bob is very quiet and still, good attributes for a sniper. Which he is, so that's good. He has appeared once so far, in the New Year's Special.
Name Unknown (Shadix, PGS) Unknown (Shadix has not given any information to Kodrak, so he is not named).
Captain Cathix (Cei, PGS) Captain Cathix is part of the staff section and isn't in a lot of battles. He continues to attempt to get into battles, but is not allowed. Has not appeared yet.


  • Rumors are going around that Kodrak is thinking of switching the kit to Chimoru Omega, mainly because putting together the Axis Kit is hard work.
  • It was temp. closed because of a Liveswif project Kodrak is working on.

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