What Just Happened 2.0 is ~Kazi's Much more successful sequel to his original MAS. The authors include Depar (now Sweet Potato Fries), toa crashnio, Navin (now matanui1), and himself. All authors and the series are part of the Comic Maker's Guild of Comic Making (CMGCM).
What Just Happened 2.0 poster

Poster for the series.



Set ten years after the original series, Kazi has been free for ten years after escaping the clutches of the evil Lord Ferzinahk. All his companions either died in the opening of the following war, or moved on to other occupations. Kazi has teamed up with Depar, Navin, and Crashnio to scavenge or steal what they can on the worlds they visit in their old but fast star-skiff. Unfortunately, this has left them all wanted matoran in three systems for piracy and theft.

Main Story

The story begins with Depar, Navin, Kazi, and Crashnio stealing the valuable possetion (gold-painted shrunken heads) from a gang of superstitious bandits for cash. Having rigged the bandit's only ship to explode, Kazi and co. escape and jump away. They come out of FTL, only to be confronted by three ships from the Divronian Navy.

Back-story on this: We stole an old, but still in service Divronian freighter after breaking out of their highest security prison. Thankfully, we had installed an EMP incase we ever got into this situation.

Kazi fired the EMP, and jumped the ship to their destination, Faundos II. Suddenly, something strange happens, and the ship is teleported to another planet in another universe. When they figure out where they were, they decided to check out the planet they were orbiting, and discovered an abandoned facility on the surface. It just so happened that it was a refueling station of Matoran build from a colonial era that didn't last long enough to spread this far out in the regular Matoran Universe. This is evidence that the Matoran race has expanded its frontiers in this parallel universe. There, Kazi and the crew decide to top off their fuel reserves they're getting low.



  • The creator of the series and main protagonist


-Toa Crashnio


  • currently excused from making comics

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