See also: Shoopda

The Kanohi Whoopda is the Great Mask of Whoopness, and originated in Live, Learn, and Lawsuits.


The first Kanohi Whoopda was forged by the first Toa who created the Great Maze. He stored 300 of them at the end of the maze so that the Da-Matoran could turn into Toa.


The Kanohi Whoopda has the power to turn a Da-Matoran into a Toa as well as give the user more ability over shooping.


The Kanohi is usually reforged into the shape of the mask that the Da-Matoran originally wore. However, a giant model in the shape of the Kanohi Whoopda is in Nuva York Metru.

Example Usage

Zaro used it when he tried to Shoop Kahinuva.

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