Wobbly Bobsleigh


Author(s) : Toa Spirit
Current Season : One
Medium : Arc Kit Ex
Island : Unknown Island
Main Enemies : Two Unnamed workers of the Hotel Avohkii
Number of Movies : N/A
Started On : December 6 2009
Location : Wobbly Bobsleigh Studio, Hotel Avohkii
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

Wobbly Bobsleigh, or WB, is the second comic series created by BZPower member Toa Spirit. It is the first comic series to use the Arc Kit Ex. It has been remarked that the series isn't trying to be funny, just lets it flow in at points naturally - and even then it is not over the top (more prominently in later comics.). It also utilizes basic GIMP effects, such as Gradient backgrounds and Drop Shadows.

The series has been criticized for not using the second arm in normal stances, making it look as if the characters are missing a arm only for them to have two in other poses.


Before this series Toa Spirit made a fairly unsuccessful comic series called Release the Snoozle, which was dropped for a variety of reasons, including the Redundancy in some characters, The difficulty of putting Axis Kit sprites together and bad effects. So TS, dropped the series and restarted with Wobbly Bobsleigh proving to be more popular and had far superior effects.



Character Description
TS Main protagonist and maker of the comics. Wears a Dark Red Great Mahiki.
The Cleaner The studio's cleaner. Recently has been cloned, but the two cleaner's don't get on.
Onewa Mcnutter Takes an almost Nutty Professor role in the series. Looks exactly like Onewa Metru.


Character Description
Kodrak Was the first PGS to apply. He wears a white Great Matatu, with a white and grey colour scheme. He appeared first in Comic 3, along with the three other PGSes.
KTM Was the second PGS to apply. He wears a white Akaku, with a white and grey colour scheme. He appeared first in Comic 3, along with the three other PGSes.
Reblue Was the third and final PGS to apply. He wears a blue Pakari, with a blue and yellow colour scheme. He appeared first in Comic 3, along with the three other PGSes.


Character Description
Unknown worker at the Hotel Avhokki One Works at the Hotel Avhokki and is terrified of getting fired due to lack of customers. Wears a Red Noble Komau.
Unnamed worker at the Hotel Avohkii Two Works at the Hotel Avhokki, and due to his colleagues concerns suggests teleporting in some customers. Wears a Vahi.


  1. Fail Intro
  2. Cleaning Depression
  3. PGSes
  4. Pound or Dollar. 4.5 Pound or Dollar, Testing out RZ.
  5. Christmas Special
  6. Hapori Tohu
  7. Ooh! Lookie a Plot Twist!

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