XD Comics


Author(s) : Sylux
Current Season : 1
Medium : XD Kit
Island : None
Main Enemies : The Aliens
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : August 19, 2009
Location : Not stated
Status : Conluded and Dead
Pronunciation : Ex-DEE Caw-MICKS

XD Comics is the latest comic series by ExDee. It is made using his latest kit - XD Kit which he constantly updates and is determined to finish it. The comics consist of 9 panels. the 8th and 9th tend to be the "joke panels". Sylux ended them with his 1000th post, after which he left BZPower.


The backgrounds in XD Comics consist of two-colored gradient backgrounds, making them far more complicated than your average MSPaint two-color backgrounds. It also features a unique outside background. The backgrounds (depending on what the comic is doing) can change for every panel. making it look more professional.

Each comic tends to be fun and the jokes can range from simple punchlines to randomness, and sometimes internet memes and spoofs of popular things.

The comics usually follow a certain plot but generally focuses on the humorous events in the studio and outdoors.

The comics final saga revolved around Sylux being a test dummy for aliens. They made him pregnant, turned him into a fruit, and turned him into a bee.

In the finale, Kira tells everybody Sylux's real name, after which Sy annihilates them all for knowing too much.



Nonsense comics

Some comics in XD intentionally don't make sense. The first one being Comic 4, in which a random person is abducted by aliens in the street. But, 2 comics after, it is a tie in with the fact that Sy doesn't have a body. These nonsense comics are still prominent so far.

BZPower Topic

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