Xaniskit, or Xanis Kit, also referred to as Xanis's Ultimate Sprite Kit is a sprite kit created by Xanis, and has most recently been released as version 2.0 v6. It has been lauded by many, and is most well-known for its use in Xanis' comic series Randamonium!.

Xanis eventually quit working on the kit, officially informing the readers of the kit topic of this decision on March 31, 2010. He then left the further creation of the kit to the fans.


Two versions of the Xaniskit have been released thusfar, not including various additions to the kits after their respective releases.



Xaniskit 1.0

The original Xaniskit was greatly popular, though used infrequently because of its lack of user-friendliness. In this version of the kit, there were no premade poses--rather, one had to assemble the sprite piece-by-piece, much like the Rahi Zaku Mini Kit. It was used in Randamonium!, Declining Expectations, and even a handful of Gazibo's comics for Clash of the Titans.

Version 2.0


An animation made with Xaniskit 2.0 by Xanis himself.

Version 2.0 was released for use in season two of Randamonium! and the now cancelled movie Rise of the Randobots. It became an unexpected hit due to its newfound user-friendliness and anatomical improvements over the prior version. The kit is considered greatly useful for comedic sprite comics thanks to its iconic facial expressions.

Version 2.0 animates quite well, as a result of its original intended purpose for movie-making. Changes in the sprites' poses flow very well from frame to frame because of the large number of individual limb views sprited by Xanis.


Reception has largely been positive for the kit, and has grown exponentially in popularity since its second release.

The majority of its criticism alleges that the kit is "newbish," what with its cartoon-esque features and anatomically deformed bodies. Though proportions were changed in the later version of the kit to correct these anatomical flaws, some members still prefer the original deformed version, such as Dokuma. Version 2.0 on the other hand, has been criticized for its somewhat rough look.

Fan Kits

There are several add-ons including Rahkshi, morphing and Hordika arm sheets. Fan kits have increased greatly in number since the second release of the kit, and have now become the sole source of continuation for it.


Notable series made with Xaniskit are Randamonium!, by Xanis himself, The Creator, by The Tee, and the first Xaniskit BIONICLE-parodying multi-author comic series, BIONICLE: Retold, in addition to those listed above. Use of the kit seems to have become a recent trend in comic making.

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