Avi Z

Species : Zyrax
Comics : Two and a Half Matoran
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Metal Armor, Grey
Element : Shadows
Occupation : Artist, Comic Maker, Writer
Tools : Spear
Location : Unknown for now
Status : Active
Pronunciation : zah-HAH-kee

Zahaki is a comic maker and artist, best known for Two and a Half Matoran. His appearance is somewhat based on a Vahki Rorzakh, however he is known to sometimes jokingly deny this.

Comic History


Two and a Half Matoran

Zahaki's successful and popular comeback series, Two and a Half Matoran is a parody of the sitcom Two and a Half Men from a Matoran point of view. This series is also notable for using RZMIK, not Rayg as in Zahaki's previous series.

Temporarily Closed

Tales of the Dark Hunters ~ Reloaded

Zahaki's first series, resurrected in Xaniskit.


Tales of the Dark Hunters

Zahaki's first series was Tales of the Dark Hunters, which lasted for 20 storyline comics before dying. It wasn't successful, but was notable for its style and storyline. Used Rayg Kit.


Zahaki's biggest flop - Bionicle-Nui lasted for a total of seven comics (4 storyline comics, 2 PGS comics and 1 special) before dying. Used Rayg Kit.

Bara Magna: Redone

Zahaki was once an author in Bara Magna: Redone before being fired, his comics will no longer be within the story as it is going to be rebooted with their new author.

Halo: Randomized

Zahaki used to be author in Omega Deception's ridiculously short lived Halo: Randomized.

The Drawables

Zahaki's newist Comic seires, The Drawables story line is un-sure yet. These Comics don't use sprites, like Zahaki's previous series. This time Zahaki has used his Drawing talents to create his characters.

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