Zero the Vampire


Species : Vampire
Comics : Zero's Comics
Kanohi : Black and yellow horned Hau
Colors : Black, red, yellow
Element : N/A
Occupation : Artist
Tools : Various weapons, including sword and spear
Location : N/A
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Zero the Vampire, also known as Toa Zero or just Zero is a comic maker on BZPower known for his use of horror themes in his comics, including vampires, supernatural phenomena and blood. He is one of the few remaining Rayg users on BZPower, though he does not make comics anymore. One of his inspirations was Raka, author of Nosferatu.


Zero started comic making on September 21, 2008 with his first incarnation of Zero's Comics. The backgrounds were made by D-Shadow and Nuparurocks due to Zero's lack of experience at the time. The first three comics were void of backgrounds, using only white panels. Nevertheless, the comics were positively received and gained two pages, ending the topic run with six comics. The topic was later revived by BZPower member Makuta Kuuls.

On March 11, 2009 the second incarnation of Zero's Comics was started, introducing Zero's new form (and his current one later on). He met many well known comic makers during this time including Chan'e, Akaku: Master of the Wind, Tjin and others. The comics had two sagas: "The Kings Saga" running for 24 comics and the unfinished "Past Series" which only lasted for six comics.

During this time, he got a hold of Adobe Photoshop and started learning how to make high quality backgrounds. Later, he started taking requests from others, including Chan'e, Master Darman and others. His backgrounds have been recognized by various people. However, he remained modest about this.

Due to the comics' substantial amount of blood and occasional gore, he may have gained some notoriety but the topic remained open.

Zero was hired for the ill-fated reopening of Ravnica: City of Guilds, but as the topic never pulled off, he never made a comic. Later, he was hired by Vezon The Piraka for the MAS Underwars, which he made three comics for. The topic had trouble staying alive due to author procrastination and was prematurely ended.

Due to real life, Zero stopped making comics altogether and his topic died. His activity also ceased to an extent.


The character Zero is generally depicted as a violent, bloodthirsty vampire although he can be calm depending on his stage. He has a total of five stages: weak, medium (normal), "medium 1/2", bat monster and strong mode (bloodthirsty). In strong mode, his actions usually aren't under his control, as seen in the Kings Saga when he kills Malygos.

His original form was as a yellow and black Toa but after entering a temple full of coffins and blood spilled on the floor, he underwent transformation to a more vampire-like form. Later, his son merged with him, creating his current form.

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