Zola Nui is a small island north of Taone Nui. The Time Before Time takes place here, and was the former home of Philbert before he moved to the Comic Land to start TCTMOMNBMBIP. It was initially described as “a vast expanse of lifeless desert, and a popular vacation spot for escaped mental patients” in TTBT.



A small village in the northern part of the island, inhabited primarily by Matoran of Rahi Control. Philbert initially lived here, before taking up residence in Zola-Metru. Similarly, the village was also home to The Evil Lord Morahn, before he went by his self-proclaimed villainous title.


A city near Ra-Koro, inhabited mostly by Le-Matoran, but also consisting of various other residents. Arinu-Metru was the former home of Truhper, before being rejected from most society and taking on his occupation as a traveling Gafna-slayer. The city is located in the only area on the island to contain significant plant life, most notably enormous trees, hence its high Le-Matoran population.


Probably the only large, modern city on the island, Zola-Metru is located in the southern portion of the island, just beneath the Great Desert. It began as a small settlement of Matoran from Taone Nui, and soon began to rapidly expand as it filled with both the Matoran native to Zola-Nui and tourists from other islands. It was at one point infested with Gafna stemming from the local Ross, although how said Gafna were removed is currently unknown. It has a reasonably large comic-making population in comparison to the rest of the island, although it is still fairly uncommon nonetheless.

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