Author(s) : Venom
Current Season : 3.0
Medium : RZ
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : Carnage Anti-Venom
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : January 28, 2008
Location : ~V Comic Studio~
Status : Popular
Pronunciation : N/A

~V~ is a comic series made by Venom on January 28 2008. Comic 1 introduced the new series. There has been 180+ main series comics, 5 special comics called "What if?", 15 fan comics, and this comic series was given 5 awards. There are also 12 PGSes and no Co-Authors.

It ended its second season with the highly praised ~V.2~ Season Finale. The topic was closed per request by Venom, but reopened after he got bored with his latest series The Swift Times. He has also noted that it is back for its "final run".


Character Description
Venom/Qwerty He's the comic maker. Venom is actually a 16-year old matoran, Qwerty, wearing a Symbiote that grants him super strength and other powers. He brings fear to almost everyone in the studio. He also had a girlfriend named Patricia. He is very friendly to other comic makers, but likes to eat random people.
Carnage The main baddy. He is also a symbiote. He always wanted to kill Venom and take over the comics ever since the Venom's Comics debut. He had many plans that were foiled by Venom and his crew. Carnage is very intelligent when it comes to machinery. It is believed he was killed in Comic 100, but he was in fact proven alive. He teamed up with Venom in the V.2 season finale.
Dona Dona is a rather mature woman when you get to know her. But when she drinks Redbull with pills, you DON'T want to know her. She is a symbiote, but she craves Redbull. (And sometimes, pills.) She has a husband, Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise Tom Cruise is an actor. He apparentally hates his own movies because he is in them. He is a good friend of Venom, and carries a gun. He is half cool, half retarded. Since the V.2 Season Finale, he has disappeared.
Spider-Man Spider-Man, is the coolest super-hero ever. To get Venom out of his way, Spidey framed him into a very TERRIBLE crime that no one knows what it is. But later on, Spidey was discovered as the culprit and is sentenced to life in the ~V Comic Studio~. It also seems he was actually framed by Doppelganger, apparently making his first appearance much later in the series. He is one of the only characters NOT wearing a symbiote.
Doppelganger Spider-Man's doppelganger. He's very notorious for constantly posing as Spidey and for being Carnage's right-hand man.

He hasn't appeared in V.3 yet.

Toxin Toxin is a cop. He wears a symbiote, but uses it for good, and good only. Like Tom Cruise, he also carries a gun.
Patricia Patricia was Venom's girlfriend. Her appearance is similar to Venom's. Most fans call her Female Venom, or F.V. In the ~V.2~ Season Finale, it was revealed that Patricia was merely a disguise by Cataclysm.
Massacre Massacre is Dona and Tom's son. He is also a symbiote. When he was a baby, Patricia kept mistaking him for a gremlin. Massacre is now a teenager in Symbiote years.
Hybrid Hybrid is a former-villain. He wears a symbiote. He used to hate Dona. He was found as the doctor at the hospital where Massacre was being born. He is a bit clueless sometimes, but is as mature as Venom. His personality has shifted to much more of a loyal fighter type in V.3.
Destruction Destruction is a pre-adult symbiote from the future. He is apparently Venom and Patricia's son. He came from the future and supposedly destroyed Carnage in the first Season Finale. He gets annoyed from Massacre and his pranks a lot. In the Season 2 finale, he is in fact revealed to be a future form of Venom, who dissolves in the explosion, stating that his mission was complete.
Cataclysm Cataclysm is a large, fearsome and powerful symbiote who appears in the ~V.2~ season finale. He has previously been seen in his disguise as Patricia as a plot to wipe out Venom from The Comic Land. In the final part, he is nuked by Venom and Destruction.
Malice Malice is the symbiote of Tom Cruise, forming from a bit of Dona's symbiote stolen from Tom as a prank. His appearance has changed majorly since V.2 in the new season, no longer Tan colored but rather a dark shade of violet, spike shaped armor protruding from his back, and now wielding dual shuriken stars marking the appearance of a ninja. His personality has also changed since then, now more silent and mysterious.
Muertos Muertos is Venom's older brother. He marked his first appearance after apparently receiving one too many calls from Venom bragging about the comic series. Though it was revealed he was actually hiding from a gang of symbiotes he was formerly affiliated with led by crime-boss Acid. He has disappeared since the V.2 season finale.
Acid Acid is a symbiote crime-boss leading a gang of symbiotes. His first appearance was when he seeked out former gang member Muertos, and when he was hired by Eddie Brock/Anti-Venom to knock out Venom. He currently lives on as an anti-hero, working for whatever interests him best. The reason why he helped Venom and his group in the season finale was because he was interested in not getting killed by Cataclysm. =P
Anti-Venom Anti-Venom, or Eddie Brock, is the former host of the Venom comics, currently living with hatred for Venom and his only interest being in Ann, the original Female Venom.
Ann Ann is the original Female Venom, marking her first appearance in ~V~ in the V.2 Season Finale. She convinced Anti-Venom to aide Venom and his friends with their rise against Cataclysm. Anti-Venom is very protective of her, being somewhat of her Guardian and love-interest.

Former Co-Author Candidates/Former Co-Authors

FCAC/FCA Position And Number Of Comics Meraceire FCA. ?? comics.
The Orb FCA. 9 comics.
JediBot FCA, ?? comics.
Ikkad FCA. 10 comics.
FireEmblem FCA. 11 comics
Ontez FCA. 5 comics

Minor Characters

Character Description
Weegee Uhh... He's a giant Luigi that stares innto your soul...
Malleo He's a giant Mario that stares into your soul...
Carnag8tr A robot built by Carnage that was blown up later on.


  • Rahi Zaku for RZ.
  • Thanox for being a great Co-Author.
  • Vahkoro for some facial expressions and inspiration.
  • The Contributors of the RZ kit for some things used.


  • The Anti-Duke, Carnage's favorite weapon of mass destruction, is actually a collaboration of spaceships from certain NES games and other sprites.
  • Thanox used to have a series named ~M~, an obvious rip-off of ~V~.
  • Carnage has returned.
  • The original ~V~ logo was mostly inspired by Vahk: BTM.

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